What is microfinance?

Microfinance is a banking service that is provided to low-income individuals who have no other means of gaining financial services.

Are you lacking access to conventional banking and related services, we help individuals and small businesses gain access.

What types of securities trading do u offer?

We do not offer securities trading, we guide you on the right securities to invest in.

We usually encourage bond trading & capital markets, we help you research the right markets at the moment.

What should I invest in?

Getting started as an investor can be a daunting task. Meanwhile, creating a short list of everything that a beginning investor should know inevitably runs the risk of excluding many vital points.

Indeed, successful investors are bound to differ widely on what they would include in their top ten lists if they were pressed to replicate this exercise. Checkout our list

Do you offer loans?

Yes we do, we usually offer business oriented loan products, some examples may include:

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